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CLAHRC links with industry

At a strategic level CLAHRC-NDL have established a work stream to increase links to industry to complement NOCRI activities. We have used existing links with partners to identify potential commercial collaborators and to understand the types of relationship that a CLAHRC might have with industry.

In association with Trent-CLRN and the MHRN Hub we have been preparing a strategy to increase the recruitment to commercially funded clinical trials.  As part of this, we have started initial discussions with Orion Pharma (a Finnish company with its base in the East Midlands) to establish improved access to NHS R&D.

The CLAHRC is also represented on the Scientific Advisory Panel of the East Midlands Healthcare and Bioscience Innovation Network.  This organisation facilitates collaborations between NHS, HEI and Industry through funding co-produced projects to improve healthcare.

Medilink East Midlands has been an important partner in understanding the needs of industry, and there is CLAHRC membership on the Board through the Director of R&D from Nottingham University Hospitals.  Medilink recently hosted one on the NOCRI road-shows for industry and innovation.

CLAHRC-NDL is also brokering the NHS Innovation Board initiative, supporting the East Midlands pilot of Healthcare Scientists who are leading the adoption and spread of innovative technologies.

Our studies are also developing fledgling links with industry: we have seconded a researcher to The Ear Foundation (a national charity based in Nottingham) who are working alongside the NIHR Hearing BRU in collaboration with the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) manufacturers (Oticon Medical and Cochlear BAS) to initiate a national register of BAHA use to establish best practice across the UK.  This will also help inform commissioning decisions around treatment of hearing loss.

The MOSAIC study team are co-producing a system of continuous performance testing software for clinical assessment with Qbtech.  The company has funded a research assistant post within the study to carry out the work.

Posted on Wednesday 9th May 2012

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