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East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN)

The Governments’ Innovation, Health and Wealth: Accelerating Adoption and Diffusion in the NHS and the Strategy for UK Life Sciences together set out a compelling challenge in December 2011.

The creation of Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) is one element of an approach to transform health outcomes and the delivery of healthcare in England, bringing together the local National Health Service (NHS), Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Industry to focus on improving the identification, adoption and spread of innovative health care across the network. The Department of Health issued its Academic Health Science Networks guidance including an invitation for Expressions of Interest, followed up by the submission of a full application in the form of a prospectus and draft business plan on 1 October 2012.

Our track record of successful collaboration, world-class infrastructure and expertise, and current high levels of engagement, provides an optimal position on which to base the East Midlands’ unique and distinctive approach to developing its AHSN.

After a period of wide consultation with 145 stakeholders and 50 potential partners the East Midlands AHSN Prospectus has now been launched setting out the East Midlands’ vision, goals and approach to delivery, as well as the setting out the impact it would have over five years from a patient’s point of view.

Who is involved in the EMAHSN?

The EMAHSN will cover the counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire: representing a population of approximately 4.5 million. The AHSN is a collaborative partnership between local NHS organisations, higher education institutions, industry, public health, local government and the third sector. This collaborative nature is demonstrated by the wide range of prospective partners consulted and contributing to the development of this Prospectus

What is the EMAHSN Vision?

Through ensuring the initiation, adoption, spread and diffusion of innovation and best evidence at pace and scale, our vision is:

"The transformation of patient access, experience and outcomes at the earliest opportunity through innovation and enterprise working ‘at the limits of science - bringing the highest level of human knowledge and skill to save lives and improve health" [NHS Constitution 2012]

This will lead to:

  • Innovation that transforms patient outcomes
  • Innovation that simultaneously improves quality and productivity
  • Innovation that is good for economic growth

When will the AHSNs start?

There will be a two month review period of applications starting from 1st October 2012. Panel interviews are expected to take place in late November and it is anticipated that a decision will be made on the first wave of successful bids by the end of 2012. AHSNs successful in this first round will be expected to be operational around April 2013.

Further information

Recognising the short timeframe in which the application has had to be developed and submitted, we will continue our engagement and collaboration and look forward to visiting each county with a workshop entitled ‘Innovation from the Frontline’. Dates and venues will be issued shortly.

In the meantime should you have any questions or wish to discuss the contents of the Prospectus, or related matters, please contact Margaret Woolley, EMAHSN Prospectus Head of Programme Office.

View the EMAHSN prospectus online or download a pdf verison.

Posted on Wednesday 3rd October 2012

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