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Learning Together

At CLAHRC NDL we have adopted the model of co-production of change and innovation, which involves close working with stakeholders in partner NHS organisations, the third sector and service users and carers to ensure that our research is grounded in local NHS priorities.

Allied to this is the model of knowledge exchange that places equal value on the knowledge held by researchers and that which practitioners, health service managers, service users and carers bring to the CLAHRC.

We regularly run ‘learning together’ events designed to support and inform our Communities of Practice (CoPs) – networks that converge around a research study or wider theme within the CLAHRC. “Communities of Practice need to be cultivated, resourced and led and we encourage research teams and others involved in the CLAHRC to promote them actively” says Professor Justine Schneider, Theme Lead for Engagement.

“Our main aim is to generate and support a network of dynamic CoPs which will become self-sustaining in the longer-term. To this end, we offer participants in CoPs regular opportunities to build greater research literacy, to develop networks which span traditional professional and organisational boundaries and to engage with the implementation process to help to bring about improvements in healthcare”.

Further events are planned for 2012, but below are overviews of some of our most recent and well-received events:

Map of Medicine

This Knowledge Exchange event hosted by Derby County PCT was designed to share learning around Map of Medicine (MoM), its local use, and a growing evidence base, particularly around Schizophrenia.

Commissioners from Derbyshire described how MoM is being used locally,explaining how it brings together a vast amount of relevant information to guide clinical practice in the form of commissioning pathways developed by experts. Representatives from Map of Medicine explained how MoM is being used across the country.

The session was rounded off by Professor Clive Adams who presented the work of the University of Nottingham’s Cochrane Schizophrenia Group, which has 600 reviewers of clinical trials feeding directly into NICE guidance. Professor Adams proposed that MoM could be considerably enhanced with Cochrane-like information to explain more fully the clinical options and the evidence base for decision making. During the feedback session delegates agreed that providing the evidence base in an easy and accessible way, as MoM is designed to do, is important for patient empowerment and choice.

Commissioning Conversations

More than 60 delegates from across the East Midlands attended this thought-provoking seminar which brought together new thinking around public health, GP Commissioning Consortia, health research programmes and professional collaboration.

Delegates were asked to identify new opportunities for professional collaborations, opportunities for the development of communities of practice, new areas of health research and ideas on how to improve getting research into practice in the context of big structural changes in the NHS and social care.

Meeting the work needs of stroke survivors

Researchers from the Stroke theme presented preliminary findings from the initial phases (interviews and service mapping) of the CLAHRC NDL Return to Work after Stroke study.

The event explored some contentious issues facing stroke service users, providers, the independent and voluntary sectors, commissioners and service users around providing health-based vocational rehabilitation for stroke survivors.

The event was well-received and proved a huge success in raising the profile of the project and the problem of returning to work after a stroke, as well as encouraging delegates to agree areas for future research and inviting them to work with us to develop these.

We are currently finalising a programme of stakeholder engagement events for 2012. Details will be added to our website shortly.
Posted on Wednesday 29th February 2012

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