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This legacy website is no longer maintained with the latest information. CLAHRC NDL ended in December 2013.

Some functions are no longer active, such as submission or enquiry forms. Contact or other information (including hyperlinks) may be out of date and should not be relied upon.

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Children and Young People Theme

The Children and Young People's Theme (CYP) undertakes a range of projects that aim to improve young people’s mental health and promoting healthy behaviours. We specifically focus on early intervention, disruptive behaviour problems and obesity.

The theme is led by Professor Chris Hollis. For more information on the Children and Young People's theme and its work, please contact Programme Manager John Taylor.

Within CLAHRC-NDL there are four CYP studies:

CATO is developing a consensus across NHS, Local Authority and voluntary sector service providers and commissioners on the implementation of standardised assessment and outcome measures.

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PATCHWORK is developing and implementing an early intervention parenting programme, to be delivered in schools, using evidence-based interventions for children with common childhood behaviours such as overactivity, inattention and impulsivity.

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MOSIAC aims to maximise the benefits of medication for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children in routine NHS settings by increasing adherence to a carefully delivered and monitored medication management strategy.

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STAK is evaluating the effectiveness of an intervention to increase physical activity in children with low belief in their ability to exercise. The intervention aims to increase activity, reduce the risk of obesity and improve mental and physical health outcomes in children aged 9-11 years.

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