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Mental Health Theme

Research projects have been selected in the Mental Health research theme to be service facing by improving standard clinical care to externally set best practice standards or enhance care through innovation. The theme is lead by Professor Richard Morriss and managed by Jayne Simpson.

All of the research studies meet East Midlands Darzi Review Priorities. They address: 

The Chronic Mood Disorder study examines whether a specialist mood disorder team or improved delivery of usual treatment care is the best way forward for people suffering from chronic depression. The study is examining how care provided compares to national standards and factors that prevent people from getting the best care for their condition.

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People with long-term serious mental illnesses often have poor dental hygiene. With the erosion of teeth comes erosion of quality of life. This project is to evaluate the reminding of early intervention teams of their existing policy on dental care of people.

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The primary aim of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) study is to enable more people who use mental health services to gain paid work. To achieve this, we have implemented IPS within Community Mental Health Teams in Nottingham City.

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This project addresses readiness for treatment in people with personality disorders. Low engagement in treatment and failure to complete it can have a major negative impact on all concerned, as well as impairing cost-effectiveness. The project is intended to improve our understanding of the factors which influence engagement.

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